About Us

Find out why we care, and why you should too.

About Tinker Technology

Tinker Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a digital agency with a 2+ year track record helping mission-driven companies, sustainable brands, social enterprises, and large nonprofits solve problems and create positive social and environmental impact. With consultancy, design, and development services in-house, we integrate digital products and services into our clients' business models to achieve measurable results. We have helped hundreds of organizations build long-term success. How can we help you?

Whatever the finished product may be, our team works with clients to find rich, compelling solutions. But there’s much more to our business than creativity. With a name like Tinker Technology, you know you can rely on us to keep projects on schedule, on budget and on track. We pride ourselves on professionalism and responsiveness that equal our creative abilities. We communicate at every project step to assure there are no surprises regarding deliverables, timetables and budgets.

Why Tinker Technology?

Commitment to User

Tinker Technology has always put the user first. Too many systems and companies put the focus on products or the bottom line, creating an environment where users are left without knowledgeable or friendly support and without easy to use websites. Our mission is to change that with friendly, local, professional support.

Commitment to Our Team

Today we support a full team of web and IT professionals and their families with job opportunities, health care, and a positive work environment. Our growing team of friendly experts is our most important asset.

Commitment to Professionalism

We aim to be more than just technically proficient and knowledgeable; we aim to provide professional, accountable solutions and service to our customers. You’ll see the difference at every step of the way – communication, project management, service, and follow up.